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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stuff by Kris Wilson

Well, one day on DeviantArt I saw this guy's little stick comic on the front page and everything he's done on it has been pretty awesome. You should go check out his gallery here. Right here is an example of the type of humor he does:

Suck by *kris-wilson on deviantART

And then today, he posted some music he's done since a friend of his made up a little flash player. They're all pretty damn good if you ask me. If he put his mind to it, I'm better he could do a game soundtrack if he wanted. Check out the player and it's playlist here. (direct link to the flash player)

On a side note, I had the special experience last night of my contact again migrating itself behind my eyeball. That's right. My eye was dry so I was rubbing it then poof! There it went! So while playing with my eyelid to get it to move itself out, it must have came out. Because I was hoping today it was still behind my eye and sleeping would push it out, but it wasn't on my bed or my face when I woke up. So I get the crappy experience of going over and getting another set of contacts. *sigh*

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