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Thursday, June 19, 2008

So with this new upcoming game called Spore you can create these wicked looking aliens. Even though some of the really "creative" people have made Pornographic aliens, It's what the normal people make..

Take for instance here... Zed...

See? He wasn't that horrible. He looks just like a bug creature....But then we get to this... while it's not pornographic, you don't realize what horrors have come to this being until it turns around. See you can play with the bones in the spine to change what kind of posture the creature has.... and this one looks like he sat down on another smaller creature. Someone needs to call a proctologist! He's got a creature stuck in it's ass!

And then we have.. the pornographic ones.. Mind you, that these creatures are easily created with the $10 creature creator. But in September, there's going to be an actual "GAME" where you can start these creatures at the cellular level and then evolve them into interstellar warlords. So I warn you.. you will either laugh your ass off at some then be totally disgusted by others...

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